Right Here, Right Now Exhibition Branding

Right Here, Right Now was a contemporary, digital art exhibition originally displayed overseas. This task asked for a rebrand of the exhibition and to place this new design into the ACMI centre in Melbourne. When completing this project, I really wanted to focus on what a lot of the artists within the exhibition were trying to portray. Julie Freeman, one of the artists tackles visual, audio and digital art forms and explores how science and technology changes our relationship to nature. Another artist Joe Hamilton was concerned with rethinking the distinction between nature and the built environment through the fagmented way in which we view the world. From this research I got an overall feeling that many artists were trying to tackle the juxtaposition between technology and nature, and the way in which we experience these things to view the world. Therefore, my response to this exhibition uses heavy line work (each line is not smooth) to create the feeling of ‘static’ and technology. The curved, twisty element of each shape represents a more natural form and reminds me of the ripples created in water or something biolumincesent. I really wanted to juxtapose these elements to emulate the comparison that many featuring artists were trying to make between the relationship of technology and nature.