Melbourne City Guide

The Minimalist Guide to Melbourne is a 122 page book devoted to the exploration of specific destinations throughout the city and suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. A highly culturally diverse city, Melbourne is the city for explorers, and much of what is has to offer is hidden. The list of cultural and entertainment experiences are never ending, and for this highly complex city, a guide to the best restaurants, bars, shopping hubs and well-preserved architecture is a must. 

The guide itself contains photographs personally taken, and destinations hand-picked to follow the minimalist, ultra-cool vibe the book was aiming to achieve. Simple, light type, vast negative space and a simple hit of colour makes this guide the go-to source to help you create the cosmopolitan, Melbournian lifestyle you've always wanted to achieve. An easy to follow colouring system helps the reader navigate through the chapters of the guide, as well as vectorised symbols to illustrate what kind of destination is being focused on throughout each page.